Custom Sliding Shoji Doors + Pine Ceiling Medallion w/ Burlap Centerpiece


Custom Pine Sliding “Shoji” Doors + Cable-concealing Ceiling Medallion w/ Burlap Centerpiece. Customer requested chandelier to be mounted on structural cement ceiling with no existing ceiling outlets or electrical supply lines. Instead of relying on unsightly conduit or cable-concealers, I decided to design a custom wood molding that would tie in with the Shoji Doors and enable me to trace an electric line to the nearest source on the opposite wall.

Understand 1,700 Mechanical Linkages with these Helpful Animations

Torggler Door via YouTube

Mr. Đức thắng Nguyễn (Duc Thang Nguyen) is an engineer from Vietnam. Since his retirement in 2002, he has being working on an amazing animated 3D catalog of mechanical contraptions.

Using Autodesk Inventor as a tool, he has documented over 1,700 mechanisms. All from gears, couplings, clutches, differentials to detailed examples of movement conversions. For every mechanism Nguyen has generated a corresponding animated YouTube video. These videos are an invaluable source to understand some of the more convoluted and challenging mechanisms. The video-clips portray a mesmerizing collection of kinetics sculptures on their own and can be enjoyed for their sheer aesthetic value.

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