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Turning potential energy into kinetic motion…

Kinetic Design + Build was first established when I moved back to NYC in November, 2013. I had just spent the past six months building and renovating homes throughout Shelter Island and the Hamptons. This had been my source of income for four previous summers; I found the work both physically and mentally stimulating, and enjoyed actively learning and creating something new everyday. I wanted to see if I could leverage the skills and tools that I had amassed to start my business, here in NYC.Every morning I would comb through Craigslist looking for jobs and gigs. Over the past several years I have built a reputation of quality, reliability and efficiency–all at a competitive price range. I work with many private clients, as well as several offices and larger corporations. Please feel free to contact me at kinetic.designbuild@gmail.com if you would like to request references or a free estimate. I strongly encourage you to explore my site, scroll through my blog and browse through examples of some of my work documented in the Project Gallery.

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Jean de Dalmas
Owner | Lead Designer | Master Carpenter
(e) kinetic.designbuild@gmail.com
(p) 917.924.2554
(w) http://www.kinetic-nyc.com