Custom Sliding Shoji Doors + Pine Ceiling Medallion w/ Burlap Centerpiece


Custom Pine Sliding “Shoji” Doors + Cable-concealing Ceiling Medallion w/ Burlap Centerpiece. Customer requested chandelier to be mounted on structural cement ceiling with no existing ceiling outlets or electrical supply lines. Instead of relying on unsightly conduit or cable-concealers, I decided to design a custom wood molding that would tie in with the Shoji Doors and enable me to trace an electric line to the nearest source on the opposite wall.

IKEA Hemnes Bridge Refinishing (Part I)

A customer recently asked if I could sand and strip a black/brown IKEA Hemnes Bridging Shelf and stain it to match her existing grey/brown IKEA Hemnes collection.

Below are photos of the sanding and paint stripping process, which took 3.5 hrs due to the thick factory  coating. The required tools are as follows:

  • 5″ orbital sander w/ 40, 80 and 120 grit sanding disks
  • Coarse steel wool
  • Oil-based paint stripper
  • Scrapper or 5-in-1
  • Dremel with  sanding attachments for corners and fine edges
  • Sanding block

Custom Poplar A/C Covers

Babel Fair – 294 Bedford Ave (Bedford Ave & Grand St), WIlliamsburg, NY 11249